Cartographics color the way we see the world when we get there.

A bit of in-progress work for a travel project— a bit of an arts and culture map via watercolor. I find it sweet and endearing. But then I would; I've been working on it for two weeks, and have become rather attached. Can't explain it in full, as it's for a small audience, but I… Continue reading Cartographics color the way we see the world when we get there.

After a day where a sudden drop in tempurature causes green leaves to fall like the piano needles from Charlie Brown’s xmas tree

I must quiet my mind. Sometimes it can be done with reading on the train. And sometimes it needs to be done by formulating, or finding, some clear thing out of the jumble of tangled strings and wires— the ones that formed knots in one’s head during the tumult of the day.  Today was like… Continue reading After a day where a sudden drop in tempurature causes green leaves to fall like the piano needles from Charlie Brown’s xmas tree

Stained glass abandoned in favor of a vintage flavor

I decided against the stained glass approach in the end. I Chose instead, to focus on repeated patterns— a race horse silhouette, with the silks in the spotlight, and a larger repeating pattern behind them. After much experimentation with various backdrops and shifts in color for the silhouettes, I landed on a maximum vintage palette and… Continue reading Stained glass abandoned in favor of a vintage flavor

Silenced is not Equal: #BlackLivesMatter

Here is the latest in my "Don't See Don't Speak" (or the Red Hand of Shut It) series— something more topical in response to the tragic and avoidable events of last week. Please feel free to share this widely and repost (as is). Below are some progress scans of the pencilling. One again, I forgot to… Continue reading Silenced is not Equal: #BlackLivesMatter

A 2015 Calendar: Kickstarter

Alright! It's time again for another Electrofork calendar. I've been threatening to employ Kickstarter for some project or other for years, and the time has come. The project has been laid out as follows: A calendar for 2015 featuring the signs of the Zodiac reinvented as Sigils of the 12 Houses— Winter is coming.  [Press… Continue reading A 2015 Calendar: Kickstarter

the coffee is working

(sneak peek of site in development) It’s another gorgeous fall day, and I ought to’ve gone out there much earlier, but when you catch some flow on a project, it’s criminal to interrupt, even for such a gift of a day. I’ll head out soon, though, before the sun’s gone. I’ve been indulging in some good… Continue reading the coffee is working

Calendria in the press

Just stumbled upon a post at TopDesign Mag entitled "Calendar Design at its Best—15 Superb Examples", and to my delight, Calendria (my calendar for 2010) was among them. Bloody jolly! Maybe I should design another calendar this year, as I've not done one since. Hmmm something to think about; always good to have a project in addition… Continue reading Calendria in the press

Justified hyphenation

Last weekend I visited the Grolier Club to view the exhibition "Printing for Kingdom, Empire & Republic". Although it was not part of the exhibition, above is part of a gorgeous cover design for a quarterly magazine which was framed in the basement (click to see full image). Although it is generally frowned upon these… Continue reading Justified hyphenation

Design for Safety

I did some pro bono design work for the community, to help get the info out about three great services that help folks get home safely at night. There are links below to access the PDFs. download the 11x17 poster  |  download the letter-sized fliers

more apartment shots

the headboard; button-upholstered with matte white vinyl the gallery wall in the 'outhouse'; all black and white drawings and etchings Here are a couple more shots of the interiors of No.6. The one in the bathroom is taken in the mirror, as the room is so small that's really the only way! These are just… Continue reading more apartment shots