The 12 Houses Zodiac Calendar for 2015

As I posted about a lot over the past few months, I’ve designed a calendar based on the signs of the Zodiac, but re-invented as house sigils or shields, complete with a house motto that distills the nature of each sign to a single phrase (as in the Game of Thrones series and the long heraldic… Continue reading The 12 Houses Zodiac Calendar for 2015

The Countdown is on: 31 hours remaining!

There are 31 hours remaining in my Kickstarter campaign to fund the publishing of my calendar! "A calendar for 2015 featuring the signs of the Zodiac reinvented as Sigils of the 12 Houses— A New Year is coming." Check out the project page at Kickstarter and join me in making this a reality! It will… Continue reading The Countdown is on: 31 hours remaining!

Taurus joins the completed sigils for The 12 Houses

I've got one-third of the twelve designed now, and it's a third of the way through the Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of the calendars. If you want to learn more, or get one of your own, read more at Kickstarter!

Announcing: Pisces

Another sigil has been designed. This one is based on my adorable little pond comet, Wink. He's got a ball gown of a tail, and is a slender little ballerina of a fish. I've decided to focus on the designs first, and get to the mottos of houses later on, as they require more research.… Continue reading Announcing: Pisces

A 2015 Calendar: Kickstarter

Alright! It's time again for another Electrofork calendar. I've been threatening to employ Kickstarter for some project or other for years, and the time has come. The project has been laid out as follows: A calendar for 2015 featuring the signs of the Zodiac reinvented as Sigils of the 12 Houses— Winter is coming.  [Press… Continue reading A 2015 Calendar: Kickstarter

Feedback re: Calendria

I've been quite the absentee landlord of this space for the past few weeks. Still haven't much new (maybe a few drawings will be forthcoming), so I am going to share some of the praise that has come through from folks who've purchased the map on Etsy... “The product was everything I thought it would… Continue reading Feedback re: Calendria

Thanks to Strange Maps!

For this lovely post about Calendria. Many copies still available through Etsy.

Editor’s picks on Etsy– Calendria!

Noticed I got an editor's pick this morning, Calendria having been featured on this blog entry on Etsy. And I noticed too late, apparently, as there was a sudden jump in traffic to my etsy shop yesterday and the calendars were sold out of the shop overnight! Poor timing! But more have been added today.

on Quality and Style

Repost of FPO coverage of Calendria. Thanks for the mention! Happy Holidays everyone!

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Scroll down to number three, Calendria (re-post from FPO) December 16.