Celestial navigation, dream parallels

Here is a tiny excerpt from a dream that I'm certain is somewhere in one of my books, but when I searched for it a couple of months ago I could not for the life of me find it. Was a long and winding one. I began writing a short story based upon it but lost the… Continue reading Celestial navigation, dream parallels

Cartography of Amsterdam West

This map, which I designed / illustrated for Pendergast in Amsterdam, went live on their website a week or two ago. I worked with them to articulate entryways to the neighborhood, highlighting routes for cyclists, cars and public transport. In the midst of designing, I traveled to Amsterdam. We held meetings. I went to the restaurant a… Continue reading Cartography of Amsterdam West

“Work Island” and the Mythologicals have been added to Etsy

For any Brooklynites out there who feel an occasional pang of disdain toward that slender, sometimes tiresome island across the river, this one's for you; it's a gicleé print on 8" x 10"— ready to go into a frame immediately. I've also reprised my darling, dear, disaffected Mythologicals series from 2005  into 8" x 10" prints, and… Continue reading “Work Island” and the Mythologicals have been added to Etsy

A cabin map from 2008

This is by request for TL, Sabine and Leddy. Happy Birthday Leddy! (Click on map to see in new window- then click to enlarge and scroll...) (Map by Sabine)

the glass cage

I had a dream back in mid-February, while I was in the early stages of reading Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, and it was odd, but not really odd until about ten days later, when I reached a point in the book in which something so similar to a room from that dream was described in… Continue reading the glass cage

Thanks to Strange Maps!

For this lovely post about Calendria. Many copies still available through Etsy.

dream of the boat-dwellers

There were four of us in a pickup truck; two were visitors. We were across a gulf of water from where we needed to be, but were heading back to the other side soon. We decided to stop along the water’s edge to see the view before crossing– the sun was hitting the mountains and… Continue reading dream of the boat-dwellers

from the Week of December 3, 2009

A graph paper map of the town in Lili Spooner. I'm just going to set this particular Breszny 'scope down here on my tablet of endless what-not so it may serve as a reminder to me in the coming year, the year 2010– time to start building a masterpiece. Big shiny egos with flashy tricks… Continue reading from the Week of December 3, 2009

On kharzinski’s posterous!

Calendria 2010 makes another blog appearance. Thanks!

Clear Reality

Another thanks for spreading the word about "An Atlas of Calendria for the Year 2010 of the Common Era, as Observed and Faithfully Recorded by Electrofork. See the post here, at Clear Reality. Thanks, Nila!