from the Week of December 3, 2009

graph paper map
A graph paper map of the town in Lili Spooner.

I’m just going to set this particular Breszny ‘scope down here on my tablet of endless what-not so it may serve as a reminder to me in the coming year, the year 2010– time to start building a masterpiece.

Big shiny egos with flashy tricks may be mucking around in everyone’s business, calling narcissistic attention to themselves as they pretend to do noble deeds. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll be doing the hard, detailed work that must be done to serve the greater good — quietly and unpretentiously improving people’s lives without demanding major tribute. That approach will stir up some sleek, silky karma that will come in handy when you undertake the building of your masterpiece in 2010.

While I’m here, I may as well do some list-making, as it’s been awhile.

• Just finished: A Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole. Read it long ago in  high school and decided to have another go, as I recalled little save the main character. A picaresque novel, indeed.
• Currently Reading: The Design of Everyday Things, by Donald A. Norman. I borrowed it from the curious Miss K in the summer and am fially reading it. An elightening and entertaining read, even if you’re already in the habit of geeking over good v. poor design.

• Lili Spooner & the Mysterious Electrofork: About a third of the way through my second draft of the young adult mystery novel I wrote during last year’s NaNoWriMo.
• Resin Jewelry. I have seriously not made any new jewelry since last February. Well, I did pour some resin for some Coats of Arms charms (attendant to Calendria 2010) about a month ago, but it was using a new kind of resin which at first seemed perfect, but by the time it set had become riddles with bubbles and odd flatnesses. A disappointment.

• Though I’d hoped to have completed it by now, I have yet to get truly underway in redesigning First I had to wait a month for my replacement iMac (Twas worth the wait, though. Thank you Apple!), and in the waiting lost all verve for the design I’d had in mind. I do have a mailing list set up, however, so when the re-launch happens, that will be ready. (A rethinking of emphasis and organization is required, so the redesign will require something greater than a simple visual overhaul of interface or front page.)
A new Etsy shop: for the hawking of art; something to keep the integrity of the  jewelry shop intact and unfettered. It will replace the page on current electrofork site at which one can order posters, and feature other prints, paintings etc as well. Look for it in 2010!

GOALS (this may be added to)
• Walk through park at least three times a week! Yesterday Kim and I walked for two hours. Clears the head, invigorates the body and it’s lovely now that the weather’s shifted to cold, as the park isn’t lousy with people! (Is that awful to say? I don’t care.)

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