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Artistdesigner, general visualist | collectrix of things pre-modern | avid reader, meanderer,  traveler.

I enjoy drawing and painting, photography, and transforming blank rooms into magical realms. I’ve studied the alchemical arts of intaglio printmaking. I create images for print and screen with lines, shapes and words; I love cities and wide open spaces. I am a Brooklynite.

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instagram@edaggarart and @electrofork


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Solvitur ambulando.

(It is solved by walking)

7 thoughts on “lizzie”

    1. Thank you Luiza! I really dig the work on your site as well. Even though you didn’t answer the question I posed on my latest post, you’re the second to comment since that, so I will send you a piece of art or a print if you like! Hit me up via electrofork [at] gmail [dot] com.

      1. Dear Lizzie, just sent you now an email! …I´d be of course honored to receive a piece of your art – and be able to send you some of mine in return. 🙂 Thank you! And many greets from Berlin! / Luiza

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