Small bits of good news are important

A couple bits of good news have come in the recent month or so. The first is that I'm one of five printmakers who's been chosen to present and discuss my work at the Print Club of New York Annual Showcase. They saw my work at the Miniature Print Show back in the fall, and… Continue reading Small bits of good news are important

Fun with monograms: the Chi-Rho

A little hubris in the night: dabbling in a redesign of the CHi-Rho to make my own "I Rule" monogram.  So there I was, watching another Waldemar Januszczak Art/History documentary; this one exploring the emerging art around early Christianity. Before there was a single image of Christ, there were symbols. The fish, of course, we know… Continue reading Fun with monograms: the Chi-Rho

The skills of observation are the same, whether painted or photographed

Here is my other treasure from the Antiquarian Book Fair (which was fairly well-stocked with so-called Ephemera, that I obv adore)— a stellar and skilled portrait, the likes of this level I've rarely seen in my years of collecting Cabinet Card pictures as they're called when mounted and 'framed' on cards like this. This is… Continue reading The skills of observation are the same, whether painted or photographed

Regard me as a Sink

Here's a page from an antique journal or diary of sorts— it's from an old "Autographs" book that I purchased at the Antiquarian Book Fair last Sunday at the Brooklyn Expo in Greenpoint, and the majority of dates found within are between 1879-1884. It was a sacred collection of sentiments, photographs, and drawings of one… Continue reading Regard me as a Sink

Luck is a residual of preparation: visiting artist talk

Monica Forsythe wrote an an article on Medium regarding my visiting artist talk for UMBC at the Spark Gallery during the Light City Festival in Baltimore. I'm honored and gratified to have made such an impression. It was a curious and enlightening endeavor. The preparation for the talk took me backwards through time, and reminded me where… Continue reading Luck is a residual of preparation: visiting artist talk

Engagement in media + free art giveaway!

One of the aspects I've long understood about getting more engagement on a blog (or any interactive medium) is the importance of directly addressing one's audience, and asking questions or requesting feedback. Anyone who's read this blog for any length of time knows that I rarely employ either of these strategies. The main reason for this is… Continue reading Engagement in media + free art giveaway!

The Magazine Show! A new project

This winter I embarked on a journey into audio media— a podcast to be precise. The idea happened one night when James and I were leafing through a stack of vintage magazines, finding outlandish ad copy or headlines, and reading them aloud, trying not to laugh. Some of the content of course is meant to be provocative, for… Continue reading The Magazine Show! A new project

Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy— illustrations

Last summer I posted a tease of the two illustrations above, as they were in progress. These were two of a series of ten illustrations I was commissioned to create for the Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy, a recipe book written by R.A. Heidel (also the proprietor of The Way Station, famous for its Tardis).… Continue reading Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy— illustrations

Aftermath; disbelief

It’s been a seething, anguished game of grenade-tossing between two very different Americas, and we are all victims of it, now, winners and losers.

Attention Democrats, Progressives, Liberals!

Gonna get a little political, just for a minute, because it's important, damnit. The election is still months away, I realize, but the smallish faction of Bernie-or-Bust people out there being loud has gone too far, considering at this point they are going against their beloved Bernie. Look, I've been a great fan of Mr… Continue reading Attention Democrats, Progressives, Liberals!