Aftermath; disbelief

It’s been a seething, anguished game of grenade-tossing between two very different Americas, and we are all victims of it, now, winners and losers.

Summer Reading

I've put down the Caesar commentaries for the time being, as I've found myself in the middle of too many books and feeling a need to finish some. I recently picked up a book at an antiques shop in Lewes, DE, that I began out of curiosity and it's interesting enough I want to finish… Continue reading Summer Reading

Curiousity and art-making

Research has been a theme of late. I stumbled upon something a week or two ago that discussed the use of polyester plates for lithography, wherein one might produce an image directly onto the polyester “plate” or use a laser printer or photocopier to impose an image. I found this intriguing as a possibility for… Continue reading Curiousity and art-making