Saturday’s literary treasures

This afternoon after brunch Jon and I did some cycling around Rochester to some vintage and antique shops and secondhand book shops. Most of this haul was found at Small World Books, a shambling old house on North Street in which every room is walled with books, and several cats reside. We were in there no longer than… Continue reading Saturday’s literary treasures

Part precious metal, part pirate

Approach (on foot) to the lighthouse on Fire Island Had some post-dinner drinks with my friend Sarah last night. She’s in publishing, a fellow reader, so we talk books and exchange suggestions. One she told me about is Night Film by Marisha Pessl. She said it reminded her very much of House of Leaves, which… Continue reading Part precious metal, part pirate

Winter pursuits: reading

January has been a month of much reading. It started out with a lot of watching, but morphed into a tuneless, commercial-free zone of reading. I’ve nearly read this personal finance blog from beginning to (almost) current; and stumbled upon sexpigeon this week, which is hilarious in a quiet, actual person voice kinda way; been… Continue reading Winter pursuits: reading

Summer Reading

I've put down the Caesar commentaries for the time being, as I've found myself in the middle of too many books and feeling a need to finish some. I recently picked up a book at an antiques shop in Lewes, DE, that I began out of curiosity and it's interesting enough I want to finish… Continue reading Summer Reading