Winter pursuits: reading

January has been a month of much reading. It started out with a lot of watching, but morphed into a tuneless, commercial-free zone of reading. I’ve nearly read this personal finance blog from beginning to (almost) current; and stumbled upon sexpigeon this week, which is hilarious in a quiet, actual person voice kinda way; been reading the Rise of Rome in addition to novels for book club, and loads of articles, other blogs, etc. I just can’t seem to stop.

And while most of said reading material has been informative and/or interesting at the very least, I’d probably feel better about myself if I’d spent more of this drear month making things. But I don’t really know what my art is these days. I’m still a designer / illustrator of course (always), but that’s work. I got sidetracked down many paths of artworks over the past number of years, and now I don’t know which, if any, of them is mine. Perhaps more to the point, it’s a matter of not knowing which one to choose, thereby making it mine, and I’m sick of being a jack-of-all-art. Regardless, it seems it’s time again to create a new, so between that and the work ramping back up, I’ll have to curtail some of these extracurricular pursuits anyway. I would like to get back into the habit of drawing more regularly, though. Like reading or writing, it is an exercise that generally informs and strengthens everything else you do, so never a waste of time.

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