Diminutive forests, captured


After spending awhile wandering Green-Wood cemetery, Zac and I managed to gather a great many twigs and sticks from various fallen limb debris. We reconvened, each with our collections; checked their sizes and sturdiness against the two halves of a cigar box (which had been stained and prepped a few weeks ago), and edited out the unworthies and feebles*. Above is an image of what the two halves look like after completion. Serene shadowboxes with a subtle depth added by the embossed paper behind. The sticks are held in place with a combination of tension and Yes™ paste.

Having initially planned for each to be a stand-alone piece, we realized later that they make a fine diptych, and mayb be even more interesting as 3 or 5, a continuing panorama seen through a succession of ‘windows’. So perhaps we will make more.


* See Darwin

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