Duchy & Vole

This is what happens when I watch Project Runway.

Yesterday’s sort of gusting W I N D throws some of the apartment’s weaknesses into high relief; an embarrassing semblance of outdated aluminum-framed windows in the kitchen, and utter lack of insulation in the outhouse—er, bathroom. The place is downright chilly on such days.

This time of year, with its tessellations of frightfully-colds and not-quite-milds, this time of year calls for some hibernation. Soon though, we hope: the return of balmy breezes and single layers of clothing— days that call for park-sitting and bike-riding and generally being outside more. Those days are on their way. (They are, right?)

In the meantime, here are some drawings. (More after the jump)

Just look at that accusing face! And he; impassive, unperturbed. Could wind up as besties, these two.

On the one hand: utterly unaware; on the other: enmity, an eye-rolling fed-up-ness. Bad enough she has to deal with you at the salon, and now here you are on the train.

A note on the two drawings above:

These were collaborations in which Zac told me about the two characters, their interactions, &c, and I draw them to the best of my ability. It was really fun, and we are thinking of making it an ongoing experiment. They work rather nicely with today’s title, being unexpected pairings or unlikely companions.

(Coupla’ randoms. Not part of the collaborations above. Both rather well-dressed, though.)

*On the title: lifted this sarcastically delightful invocation from Sexpigeon. Reminded me of Sterling & Pervert, its conveyance of either a deliberate, almost stubborn contrariness, or a fine-tuned harmony, depending.

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