More masked portraits

I've continued to do these masked portraits, though they've been meandering in different directions and styles. That's me, though. I think when I get to a point that I've done a number of things in the very same style I begin to feel like I'm just doing a sort of copy+paste art. Which is absurd,… Continue reading More masked portraits

Kween of the Museum, perched under a blanket on the Queen Anne

Today is my birthday, and I interrupt the previously scheduled "Inktober" drawing posts to share a couple of fabulously wacky and delightful portraits of me by my dear friends, the Chickens, Zac and Tara Lynne. We were all on a conference call (they called to sing me Happy Birthday), and knowing I was sitting on… Continue reading Kween of the Museum, perched under a blanket on the Queen Anne

Days eight & nine: Meet our protagonists

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Drawing people and feeding sea birds

Another half day spent at the beach, and two more people added to the sketchbook. I also made a silly little movie of sea birds —fluttering, fighting, and diving as they do— posted on Instagram. The drawings before adding the sky and joined them into one scene:

One week: 100 people [days 6-7]

Well, I'm sorry to report that I lost steam in this challenge! Saturday was a scorcher, and I did these few drawings while waiting for the ferry and at the beach, but not enough. And Sunday, well, Sunday I was exhausted and the thought of 36 more drawings was too much. I will continue drawing… Continue reading One week: 100 people [days 6-7]

One week: 100 people [days 3-5]

Well, I took up this challenge Monday (17th), and it's now the 22nd, making today day six, but these are drawings from days three through five, and not in order. Just haven't had time to finish and scan everything. So, I'm only at 58, which means I must aim to draw 42 more today and… Continue reading One week: 100 people [days 3-5]

1 week : 100 people [day two]

I'm behind where I ought to be; only 23 people after two days. Yesterday I slowed down, took my time. As I did, I wanted it to be about quality over quantity— yet the challenge itself is all about quantity! I will endeavor to catch up, and in the meantime hone my skills; try to… Continue reading 1 week : 100 people [day two]

1 Week : 100 People [day one]

This month, Urban Sketchers Chicago is holding a 1 week 100 people symposium. I'm not there, but have only recently heard of this particular challenge, so I decided to give it a whirl. (They do it in 5 days, but I'm going to allow myself seven, as 7 days makes a week.) Anyway, I did… Continue reading 1 Week : 100 People [day one]

Black ink bleeds into paint; makes the colors more tertiary

I tried a different approach for this first one— paint first, ask questions later. But when later arrived I decided not to go back in with ink at all; I rather like the floaty quality of it, so left it as is. Above is one I drew earlier in the week out at the beach—… Continue reading Black ink bleeds into paint; makes the colors more tertiary

These are people riding the A, D, and F trains

I only posted photographs while I was on vacation, but that doesn't mean I haven't been sketching. I've been really trying to finish up this sketchbook, which has crap paper so I can get back to a Moleskine, haha. Anyway, some of these needed some color; some needed tightening up. I just haven't had time… Continue reading These are people riding the A, D, and F trains