More masked portraits

Two illustrations of people in masks

I’ve continued to do these masked portraits, though they’ve been meandering in different directions and styles. That’s me, though. I think when I get to a point that I’ve done a number of things in the very same style I begin to feel like I’m just doing a sort of copy+paste art. Which is absurd, really. For most artists who gain any sort of following, it’s precisely that recognizable ‘signature’ way of seeing and expressing, of storytelling, that leads to that.

For some reason, I remain a sort fo chameleon or shape-shifter when it comes to art. It’s something I’ve been battling with my whole career. Why can’t I just pick a lane and stay in it, become the best at *that*?

Two illustrations of people in masks, red and black, very intense

You can see, even among these few, how wildly they vacillate, style- and feeling-wise.

The below is one that I did last evening, based on a person we saw leaving the cemetery when were arriving. I had no intention at the time I made a mental note to draw them, that it would wind up being in these insanely cute and happy Easter egg colors, but that’s something that has been coming out in the mask drawings. Digital has been pulling me in ways that I don’t often go when I’m working with real paper and materials.

These look like the works of at least 3 separate artists! Maybe I’ll go back to just black and white, or at least more in a monochrome palette. I don’t know. I’d just really like to get to a place where my work is recognizably and unmistakably mine.

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