Small bits of good news are important

Two small prints from drypoint on plexigas

A couple bits of good news have come in the recent month or so. The first is that I’m one of five printmakers who’s been chosen to present and discuss my work at the Print Club of New York Annual Showcase. They saw my work at the Miniature Print Show back in the fall, and reached out asking me to apply for it. I’m very excited to be among the four other artists. The event was originally scheduled to be in May, and at present has been postponed ‘til October (we’ll see). I received that news March 20th.

This past week I was invited to participate in a sort of Call for Creation, involving a collection of artists being provided 35x35mm canvases to put an original work on for the Copelouzos Family Art Museum in Athens, Greece. The collected works will become part of the permanent collection, as well as featured in a book about the project.

From the email invitation I received, “The main objective of the Museum is to act as a bridge for the promotion of modern art and the establishment and support basis for an essential dialogue of Greek artists with artists from Europe and all over the world.” The museum has done two projects of this nature, one involving artists from China, and one with artists from Russia. This one is artists from the United States, and I’m pleased to have been invited.

So there’s a couple of things I have to look forward to, which is so nice. I haven’t done a painting on canvas in awhile! I’m looking forward to it— and feel a little intimidated. I’ll need to check on my acrylics and caseins to see if any have dried up and need to be replaced.

Anyone else had bits of good news popping up during this difficult-to-fathom time?

7 thoughts on “Small bits of good news are important”

  1. Congratulations, that sounds so exciting! I’m running a bit low on random good news at the moment, but it’s nice to be reminded that some things are progressing and improving, even in these scary months

    1. Thanks, Helen! Yes, little bits of good news go a long way these days. I’ve been looking at your blog, and see you visited Prague last year— such a beautiful city. I was meant to be going back this year, and to Budapest for the first time, but that trip will certainly not be happening anytime soon. Hope you’re settling in well in Melbourne.

      1. Yes settling well thanks, given the circumstances! Sorry to hear your trip has been delayed, hope it’s not too long before you make it back to Prague! I’ve never been to Budapest, but it’s high on my prospective city break list 🙂

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