A simple reading of three cards

I decided to do a simple three-card Tarot reading for myself last night: Recent Past, Present, Near Future— the most basic of formations. I didn’t do any ‘focus of intention’—life is pretty saturated with a single thread during this pandemic, so it seemed frivolous.

These were my cards in order from left to right:

Recent past 
Judgment (reversed) calls for ‘a period of reflection and self-evaluation’ and often appears ‘when the universe is sending you a message to invite you to something bigger, but you’re not listening.’ 

Knight of Cups (reversed) appears ‘when a creative project is emerging but you’re not ready to act on it just yet.’ At times, this card can indicate that you’re ‘sulky, moody, jealous, or frustrated you’re not being given the opportunity to dream and create.’

Near Future
DEATH (upright) indicates ‘endings, change, transformation, transition.’ It symbolizes ‘the end of an era or phase of your life that is no longer serving you, during which you must clear away the old to bring in the new.’ In short, Death is the Marie Kondo of the deck.

Not only is this a hilariously apropos reading for the current phase of my life— it’s one that has occurred many times, so it’s more like a generalized thesis (rinse, repeat)— and for many people’s lives, not just mine. 

That it arrived during in a pandemic of unprecedented proportions, proving the Tarot has a wonderful sense of tragicomic timing*.

Okay, next post will be regarding some art news that I mentioned. This one had to sneak in immediately, obviously.

+ + +

*It proves nothing of the sort, but that read was so entertaining and satisfying I had to share it.

1 thought on “A simple reading of three cards”

  1. I don’t know anything about tarot, so am not qualified to comment.

    My hunch, though, is that God is calling you by name and wondering if you’ll call back.


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