Montmartre— in light and dark

Montmartre— dans la lumière et l'obscurité These are photos from our first afternoon in Paris. It stayed light til 8:30. Now, you know, I've been dreaming of the trip— now that it's over. As I did before it was born. Friday was two weeks since we left for farther shores. It went by fast and… Continue reading Montmartre— in light and dark

The water pipes upstairs froze overnight

It’s double-quilt weather and icy lashes weather as the wind stings saltwater rills from our eyes. Shoulders hunched, we retreat into our hoods like sheltering caves. Convolutions and subtext slip away like shingles from a roof during high winds. Faced with the elemental force of cold, our needs simplify. Just as hunger renders food delicious… Continue reading The water pipes upstairs froze overnight

deletions p.2

Wow. Having spent the past hour and a half at this, it becomes apparent that many sites make it difficult to close one's account– or even to find out how to do so! There were at least five to whom I've had to send a request via email (replies pending), and one whose structure did… Continue reading deletions p.2


I've been thinking about deleting things. Despite having undergone a great purge of belongings before moving into this apartment with Ben, I find I still have  too many things. Every surface in my office has gown increasingly cluttered, and it makes it difficult to be serenely productive (perhaps that's an oxymoron in some ways, but… Continue reading deletions.

it wasn’t even close.

President Elect Barak Obama! What an amazing Election Day (and we even knew who won before midnight for a change). You should have heard Brooklyn last night!! Horns honking, people were in the streets celebrating and whoo hoo-ing for several hours after the announcement was made. An epic victory. It's exciting to see intelligence, reason… Continue reading it wasn’t even close.

2008 Time for Change

Ahhhhh. I just voted, with no lines, no waiting. OBAMA!

Incidentally, I should mention that I did have good birthday, despite the following day having been poor! Spoke on the phone with my Mom and Beth and Kelley; lots of well-wishing from brothers and others, too. Later, I had a happy hour beer with Kim before her internship at the theater, then I went to… Continue reading


I shall soon be moving into the House of Ben, and we had a superbly successful moving sale Saturday last-- the weather held without rain, and many walkers of the Avenue stopped to look, and to buy. (The photo above shows only a fraction of the myriad what-not 'twas for sale, as I hadn't a… Continue reading S A L E


*sigh* The RNC: frat party to GOP supporters and oligarchs alike. Whoo hoo! Not even worth much in the way of typing, but... (1) [Sen. McCain] "...and get this country back on the road to peace and prosperity." Really? With Four More Years of same? Who got us into all this mess? The Republicans have,… Continue reading McCain

Miserable Palin.

The RNC speeches were baseless, devoid of fact or reason, and generally nausea-inducing. Giuliani is more desperate than ever (and such a tool)! Hard to watch the speeches; embarrassing that so many were there with their hateful BOOs and misplaced applause and cheering. Sadly, the GOP has done very well by appealing to culture-clash points… Continue reading Miserable Palin.