*sigh* The RNC: frat party to GOP supporters and oligarchs alike. Whoo hoo!

Not even worth much in the way of typing, but…
(1) [Sen. McCain] “…and get this country back on the road to peace and prosperity.”
Really? With Four More Years of same? Who got us into all this mess? The Republicans have, after all, held 20 of the past 28 years in Washington. He has plans to “shake up” Washington DC. If he has problems with the way things have been running, why has he sided with Bush on just about everything? Is he now re-negging on the past 8 years? It simply underscores that the people in that convention hall are the ones who would be there no matter who was nominated; there is no application of reasonable thought. “When he says he will “stop leaving all our country’s problems for some unluckier generation,” does none of the audience realize he can only be referring their party, especially under GW Bush?
It seems as ever, all a GOP candidate need do, ultimately, is say “Democrats will raise taxes!”

(2) [audience, chanting] “USA! USA! USA!”
Hmmm… Do they mistakenly think that they are at the Olympics, or some other venue in which this country is in competition with others? Do they not realize that both parties are, in fact, of and for the USA?


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