Overmuch, and the discipline of writing for clarity.

I feel on the brink of something– oh, but don't I always? [Pardon the sarcasm, but it's difficult to escape, especially with 2 beers in my belly and the onset of Autumn.] Wistful, dear Autumn– most emotional of times. It may be on account of my birthing at this time of year– Dunno. Don't much… Continue reading Overmuch, and the discipline of writing for clarity.

out of focus– even in sleep

Another poor night of sleep. It has partly to do with the noise of the outside world, but something else as well; perhaps with stress and the sensation of being overextended and overwhelmed. We tossed and turned like waves on a sea with blood in its eyes. I've just read an article regarding a recent… Continue reading out of focus– even in sleep


In which we find our heroine in the throes of a digital scenario of catastrophic proportions. Having experienced the issue known as kernel panic multiple times, with less time elapsing between each successive crash, she has decided finally to Restore the System to its factory settings. This is no whimsical undertaking; all must be backed-up.… Continue reading preparations

kernel panic

A couple of things. 1. All day today, I have been getting the "You need to restart your computer" message. Accompanied by a gradual darkening of the screen (picture the elegant auto-shade effect on the window of the board room at the Tyrell Corporation in Bladerunner), it's been happening on and off for months– and… Continue reading kernel panic

deletions p.2

Wow. Having spent the past hour and a half at this, it becomes apparent that many sites make it difficult to close one's account– or even to find out how to do so! There were at least five to whom I've had to send a request via email (replies pending), and one whose structure did… Continue reading deletions p.2


I've been thinking about deleting things. Despite having undergone a great purge of belongings before moving into this apartment with Ben, I find I still have  too many things. Every surface in my office has gown increasingly cluttered, and it makes it difficult to be serenely productive (perhaps that's an oxymoron in some ways, but… Continue reading deletions.

welcome, new year.

A Sunday afternoon of puttering. Lovely! Briefly interrupted by the realization: Network Solutions still holding my domain name hostage! (I thought I'd transferred it over a year ago.) My ongoing lease for said ephemeral domain lapsed December 29. Never having acknowledged my change of email (they had one on file from over ten years ago),… Continue reading welcome, new year.

holding it~

Update: Heat in apartment fixed, furniture successfully delivered and set up. Alas, the absurdity continues. This morning, post-pee, a smallish plastic container of lotion fell from wall shelf into still-flushing toilet. Reached intrepidly into nasty freezing bowl to retrieve, but too late-- bottle surprisingly disappeared from view! Attempted coat-hanger to retrieve with no luck. Rushed… Continue reading holding it~


It is never anything but disturbing to spy vermin in one's abode; it feels like an intrusion, shaves a bit of the comfort off of one's comfort zone. Sometimes, makes one's skin crawl, awakens the heebie-jeebies. Ugh! i just had an unfortunate run-in with the largest cockroach I've seen in years, save those night crawler… Continue reading bleeaaaahhh!


Brilliant. On top of the "news" of a potential attack to be perpetrated upon the NYC subway system, along with stepped-up efforts to randomly search bags and parcels therein, there was a dreadful and dangerous *brand new* speech by our f*ing president. Firstly, the whole random search maneuver in the subways is idiotic. Anyone who… Continue reading terror