In which we find our heroine in the throes of a digital scenario of catastrophic proportions.

Having experienced the issue known as kernel panic multiple times, with less time elapsing between each successive crash, she has decided finally to Restore the System to its factory settings. This is no whimsical undertaking; all must be backed-up. All preferences, p.lists, bookmarks, mail, itunes lists, pictures, projects, files and folders must be duplicated.

On the one hand there is dread; on the other– a vague sense of relief (far overdue, really– and should finally solve all those font problems which have been recurring for well over a year now). The most unfortunate aspect is the time the process is stealing from Important Projects with Tight Deadlines. However, if yesterday’s (continually interrupted) performance is any indication, this next phase is unavoidable; the incessant re-starts stole no less (and probably more) than three hours from productivity yesterday alone!

More to come as the (infinitely uninteresting–sorry) saga continues…

In which our heroine is mid-way through phase one of the re-installation of the OS (and subsequent *new beginning*) on her trusty yet severely (unconscionably) overworked iMac. She is understandably nervous (and has yet to mail her tax returns on top of everything). She writes this on ‘snufkin’– auxiliary computer; a macbook.

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