return of the sun

The machine (you’ll be happy to hear) has thus far been doing fine since the reinstall. I managed a couple hours of work on Friday evening after it was finished, crash-free. I’ve also purchased and installed a much more reliable (fingers crossed) font management program.

Oh, what strange dreams of late! Friday, Saturday and this morning* all found me waking with the memories of them. I’ve written down two in full (and one in part, as it was the least tangible if the most upsetting).

*This morning’s dream involved Beth and I having enrolled in some sort of acting/theater program at a dream version of Pratt Institute (my alma mater). I’d enrolled in the trial period (available for a non-refundable deposit) and was taking it as a lark, whereas (I later learned) she had signed up for the whole thing– dismay as I informed the instructor and the entire class that I hadn’t the full tuition and was leaving (which I only brought up mid-class because I had been utterly unprepared and hadn’t memorized my lines)!

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