New jewelry listed on etsy today

Another busy day. I've added some new things to my etsy shop over the past couple of days, with more to come tomorrow, so go do some holiday shopping! (Expedited shipping is available– convo  before buying...) Also signed up to a new server today and began the transfer process. Since I've haven't done this before,… Continue reading New jewelry listed on etsy today

Applecare, again

The tech is back! Superdrive has been ginchy in the ol' iMac. Tech came Wednesday to replace it, but still no dice. Another tech is here today to see whether it needs just a new ribbon cable, or possibly a logic board (although the logic board was just replaced over the summer). It's been jolly… Continue reading Applecare, again

another dream

Right. I know it's bad form to go on about dreams; most people aren't interested. But it's my blog and it's all I've got right now anyway. Tired, long long day of computing. (Math and scripts and vectors, oh my!) Skip it if you like, otherwise... In which brilliant code geekery is usurped by hipster… Continue reading another dream

the costumery of scoundrels

That's a phrase lifted from Cary Tennis in today's Since You Asked column. I think it makes a fine title and perhaps I will do a drawing for it. Or something. You can't go wrong with the word scoundrel in a sentence. It has a theatrical flair. It evokes imaginary and colorful histories; ubiquitously nostalgic,… Continue reading the costumery of scoundrels


The tech will be coming tomorrow between 10:00 and 3:00.  Fingers crossed. *    *    * abstract (unrelated)– the goal: not necessarily realistic, but well-realized.

Vercingetorix wept.

If the kernel were (not a colonel) a general, the general is Caesar (swift, sudden and devastating attacks!), my poor iMac is Vercingetorix (doomed!), and his luck has run out– Today it's crossed a threshold and it's utterly unusable– even with nothing running save iTunes, it experienced the panic. I'm waiting to hear from the… Continue reading Vercingetorix wept.

a day

No crashes or panics today– 9 solid hours of illustrating, animating.

return of the sun

The machine (you'll be happy to hear) has thus far been doing fine since the reinstall. I managed a couple hours of work on Friday evening after it was finished, crash-free. I've also purchased and installed a much more reliable (fingers crossed) font management program. Oh, what strange dreams of late! Friday, Saturday and this… Continue reading return of the sun


In which we find our heroine in the throes of a digital scenario of catastrophic proportions. Having experienced the issue known as kernel panic multiple times, with less time elapsing between each successive crash, she has decided finally to Restore the System to its factory settings. This is no whimsical undertaking; all must be backed-up.… Continue reading preparations

kernel panic

A couple of things. 1. All day today, I have been getting the "You need to restart your computer" message. Accompanied by a gradual darkening of the screen (picture the elegant auto-shade effect on the window of the board room at the Tyrell Corporation in Bladerunner), it's been happening on and off for months– and… Continue reading kernel panic