kernel panic

A couple of things.

1. All day today, I have been getting the “You need to restart your computer” message. Accompanied by a gradual darkening of the screen (picture the elegant auto-shade effect on the window of the board room at the Tyrell Corporation in Bladerunner), it’s been happening on and off for months– and relentlessly today. According to Apple, this is caused by kernel panic. (Such a cute name for something that’s incredibly frustrating.)

2. Spring is here! April has arrived, bringing sunshine and mild weather! In accordance with New York City’s Strict Laws for the Governance of What-not and Other Hoo-ha, this also means Construction has arrived! Yes, just in time for open windows come the soothing sounds of street work, digging and giant machines!
(Does 11 Verdana point get the sarcasm across suitably?)

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