the deluge and a lack of ambition


That is to say, it’s raining today and I’m still struggling a bit. It’s getting better– but how difficult, how unsatisfactory to arrive at the end of a week with so little accomplished (as compared to what one had planned to accomplish). And not for a lack of time in this case, but a (seemingly simple) lack of– something elusive. It’s not simple! Nothing that an extra cup of coffee can fix. It’s a struggle against something unnamed, made all the worse by feelings of guilt at wasting the precious commodity known as time, as paintings go untouched, a book goes unedited, etc. The ramping up of other projects begins to catalyze, however. (Where there are deadlines there is hope!)

Also inspiring: the image above. One I’ve not looked at in quite awhile, and came across recently again– the Berliner Dom. A stunning piece of architecture, but what I found most touching (and beautiful) were the mosaic fills– places where damage sustained in the war was plastered over like so many paper cuts. The variegation (fading and colored by time) and proportions (dictated by shrapnel; arbitrary) of the patchwork inflict the antique structure with a patina of modernity– a contradiction like to the very essence of post-wall Berlin.

beberlinIt’s a fantastic city; hell-bent on NOW, on today, on tomorrow– on moving forward without forgetting its past. This year marks twenty since the wall came down, and the city is celebrating. The campaign is spearheaded by a (not surprisingly) fantastic, adorable logo featuring the Brandenburg Gate, and the slogan be open, be free, be berlin.

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