Promise after this one we go home

Revisiting the April trip, zooming back to Berlin, in black and white. We begin here in RAW-Gelande, the graffiti-clad playground to artists and DJs, just over the river in East Berlin.. Feeling a little Brutal(ism) on this corner, but in person it was a rather lovely building. blue sky reflecting in all the glass. As… Continue reading Promise after this one we go home

“Berlin & the nature of Abstracts”

Finally, a drawing! [It's been since 03/12. This one was done on 04/17. Too long in between]

the deluge and a lack of ambition

That is to say, it's raining today and I'm still struggling a bit. It's getting better– but how difficult, how unsatisfactory to arrive at the end of a week with so little accomplished (as compared to what one had planned to accomplish). And not for a lack of time in this case, but a (seemingly… Continue reading the deluge and a lack of ambition