This morning broke sunny and slid into grey

Here's a little sketch I did, sort of thinking out a vibe or mood for an illustration. It's soft, whimsical; feelings that are a little out of reach for me at the moment, despite that Spring is trying to emerge, bit by bit. The gloom of winter is still upon me. I'm feeling stuck, creatively.… Continue reading This morning broke sunny and slid into grey

Prima Vera

Here's something that I apparently saved as a draft last spring. I found it a week or so ago, and I don't think I'll spend any more time on it, but as it was just recently Imbolc, and we had a 60º day Wednesday (despite the blizzard since) I thought I'd post it as a welcome to nascent Spring.… Continue reading Prima Vera

Orion’s waning tenure

Walking through Gowanus at sunset Spring is upon us! Still a bit chilly, but a notable shift has begun this past week. As I noted a few weeks back, it’s been a busy [new] year for me so far; hell it's been busy the past couple of years in general (yay). Not over-taxingly so, but… Continue reading Orion’s waning tenure

imperatives and optionals

Having arrived at the realization (again) that I am simply never going to finish ALL THE THINGS, I realize it’s impossible—time cannot be stopped. There is only a chipping away at imperatives, like a block of marble out of which no soaring, winged delight will emerge— only a fleeting and illusory sense of accomplishment. (A… Continue reading imperatives and optionals

kernel panic

A couple of things. 1. All day today, I have been getting the "You need to restart your computer" message. Accompanied by a gradual darkening of the screen (picture the elegant auto-shade effect on the window of the board room at the Tyrell Corporation in Bladerunner), it's been happening on and off for months– and… Continue reading kernel panic