Orion’s waning tenure

Gowanus sunset
Walking through Gowanus at sunset

Spring is upon us! Still a bit chilly, but a notable shift has begun this past week.

As I noted a few weeks back, it’s been a busy [new] year for me so far; hell it’s been busy the past couple of years in general (yay). Not over-taxingly so, but in a steady and manageable way. Not only have I had a good deal of work, but have tackled a number of other random things—

Finished my new folio web site (that I began last February!)

Ordered RAM for my machine, and a 3 TB drive for back ups

Printed out photos from trips abroad, and started to print some from each year (regular life stuff)

Got fitted for contact lenses (slowly getting better at putting them in)

Bought a shiny new bike that I love

Used points from a credit card to get a corded power drill and misc hardware store necessities

All sorts of things, some from a list I made over a year ago. This year, boom— getting them done, bit by bit. Always there are more and new things on lists, and I doubt very much there will ever not be a list, but it feels awfully good to cross things off. Still happy as a lark on the whole, and looking forward to some warm, mild months and all the outdoor things— walking and cycling in the sun; beach days in the summer; day-drinking and picnics on weekends in Prospect Park; starry nights on decks and in backyards. Orion’s been glittering in our hemisphere long enough, it’s time for him to go.

Globe Daily 1 bike
My new ride!

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