imperatives and optionals

Having arrived at the realization (again) that I am simply never going to finish ALL THE THINGS, I realize it’s impossible—time cannot be stopped. There is only a chipping away at imperatives, like a block of marble out of which no soaring, winged delight will emerge— only a fleeting and illusory sense of accomplishment. (A… Continue reading imperatives and optionals

focus pull

Here's an oldie, just for fun– Hudson Ave in the rain; Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn Sunshine, crisp days, and the undertaking of a dedication to write at least 1,667 words per day have helped to snap things back into action. Not to mention a pair of newly-needed glasses. There have been numerous, miscellaneous items on the… Continue reading focus pull

Overmuch, and the discipline of writing for clarity.

I feel on the brink of something– oh, but don't I always? [Pardon the sarcasm, but it's difficult to escape, especially with 2 beers in my belly and the onset of Autumn.] Wistful, dear Autumn– most emotional of times. It may be on account of my birthing at this time of year– Dunno. Don't much… Continue reading Overmuch, and the discipline of writing for clarity.

out of focus– even in sleep

Another poor night of sleep. It has partly to do with the noise of the outside world, but something else as well; perhaps with stress and the sensation of being overextended and overwhelmed. We tossed and turned like waves on a sea with blood in its eyes. I've just read an article regarding a recent… Continue reading out of focus– even in sleep

resistance, bargaining

I was going along at a good clip; working, drawing, writing, painting– had finally sorted out that elusive balance wherein manifold priorities were all being attended! And now I sit, again feeling overwhelmed (and mildly crippled) as the list of work has suddenly expanded; bloomed before the trees have done. Additionally, I've not done a… Continue reading resistance, bargaining


In the kitchen, rain is falling on the skylight-- a comforting midwinter patter; a perfect song (if you get to stay inside). It's bright outside, dark inside, and I'm wearing a Grinch-green sweater. Reading the news to procrastinate, and wondering why I'm procrastinating at all. I've actually looked forward to these slow days of early… Continue reading drops