Mid-way in darkness

Today is time to reach 25k in the word count– midway through the month of November. It's dark inside today; the darkness of winter has fallen. And yet– I  heard the song of the ice cream truck outside around noon. This is because it's sixty-odd degrees; the playground across the street is filled with parents… Continue reading Mid-way in darkness

focus pull

Here's an oldie, just for fun– Hudson Ave in the rain; Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn Sunshine, crisp days, and the undertaking of a dedication to write at least 1,667 words per day have helped to snap things back into action. Not to mention a pair of newly-needed glasses. There have been numerous, miscellaneous items on the… Continue reading focus pull

National Novel Writing Month has begun!

A map for a thing, utterly unrelated but pretty; based on a lovely from 'Surveying the Shore'. More on that project later... Yes, folks, I'm doing it again. NaNoWriMo has officially begun, and even (at this late, late hour) embarked upon its second *official* day. My word count stands, currently, at 1,899-- a whopping 232… Continue reading National Novel Writing Month has begun!

Brooklynvalley in November

Well, it's the second day of November (and therefore also of NaNoWriMo) and I've barely had a chance to think about writing. I'm actually planning to use the thirty-day countdown this year to write draft two of  the book I penned in full last November. Not strictly allowed according to the rules, but it's just… Continue reading Brooklynvalley in November


(Man, it's cold in here after the heat's been turned down all day!) Well, It's done. It's been done for several days, in fact. The "National Novel Writing Month" 50,000 word challenge! I made it, and with about 700 or so words to spare. It's by no means "finished" of course-- now it shall require… Continue reading NaNoWriMo


Well, the folks at National Novel Writing Month weren't kidding when they said it's hard to catch up once you get behind! I'm over 3.000 words behind now, and by tomorrow even more! I have to write tonight! It's one-third through the months and I'm nowhere near one-third to 50,000 words. ::sigh:: But first, dinner...

an excerpt…

From the book in progress. It's entirely likely that this, along with mush of the rest of it, will be re-written once the first draft has been completed. She continued, “They were printed with blank pages at each end, and it was on these that family trees were recorded. Many people also kept their most… Continue reading an excerpt…

moomins hibernate.

This week started off wretchedly- nothing was working out, timing was all off. Puzzle pieces mismatched. It has gotten better and better, and things have been falling into place, but today a stumbling block! Nothing so important, just irritating, and my fault. We were expecting a furniture delivery (new living room furniture- we got rid… Continue reading moomins hibernate.

the Solstice has come and gone

Thanks to all who made their way out to Red Hook last week, whether for the opening or since. The collection from the opening (minus the pieces that have sold, of course) are still at Metal and Thread, along with myriad other lovely things, so do stop by if you haven't yet. It's dark dark… Continue reading the Solstice has come and gone