National Novel Writing Month has begun!

a pencil map
A map for a thing, utterly unrelated but pretty; based on a lovely from ‘Surveying the Shore’. More on that project later…

Yes, folks, I’m doing it again. NaNoWriMo has officially begun, and even (at this late, late hour) embarked upon its second *official* day. My word count stands, currently, at 1,899– a whopping 232 words beyond minimum goal for one day! But let’s face it, one hasto get ahead to make if through the Thanksgiving holiday with a hope of finishing 50,000 words in 30 days.

I recall from my experience of it a few years ago how great it felt to *focus* on a single creative endeavor for 30 days- and the daily minimum became a daily look-forward-to (pure good-for-me). So here I go again.

Here’s a tiny, tiny excerpt from my formless, rudderless beginnings of a story with no outline, no plot in sight (yet), and all speed ahead:

Kinley loved Sadie’s name because he had a sweet tooth for all things tragic, and when the mood struck he would call her Sad for short. It was a peerless barometer of his emotional state.

See you in the trenches, writers!
(It’s not too late to start, so think on it.)

post script from last entry: still really need a programmable coffee maker. And waterproof winter boots. And pants without holes in that fit well. &c.

Oh- and remind me to post photos of the fishes soon. Fillyjonk is outstripping Wink too much in the growth area, and I worry they may need a new condo too soon for my taste.

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