The irresistible tide of dreams

It is time to obtain a coffee-maker equipped with the ingenious ability to be set up and programmed before sleep, as, with the arrival of autumn, dreams have returned, en masse.

Little matter what time I go to bed (nor how much or little I may read before actually going to sleep)– in the morning, when the alarm begins to vex, each time i touch the snooze button I slip immediately back into the perpetually shifting, ever-perplexing and often pleasant, sun-dappled or moon-dripped world of irreverent subconscious. And I simply do not want to leave it. Always, “five more minutes, please!”

Therefore the need for the extra reinforcement of the coffee alarm: a second phalanx, in the form of a cartoon-like waft of coffee aroma to lure me out of sleep. Rather more subtle than the harsh voice of the alarm sound– threatening rather than enticing. These days of cool weather, staying in bed a bit longer, beneath layers of sheet and down, with all those stories or scenes unfolding…

The difficulty is that getting into bed in the evening doesn’t hold the same interest or enticement. There is the possibility that sleep may elude. Tossing and turning in wait for slumber is a very different experience to that of half-waking, in which one’s sleepy mind remains between worlds, one foot still across the threshold in places where the color of light can raise or dash empires and oxygen is altogether a different substance, like deep-sea diving in gelatin, or honey.

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