Day twenty-one: A domesticated gourd

+   +   +

Day twenty: a wreath of weeds and brambles

She used some of the weeds and brambles she'd pulled from the garden to make an autumn wreath. +   +   +

Day nineteen: a Great Pumpkin on a full moonlit night

Day nineteen: a Great Pumpkin on a full moonlit night +   +   +

And just like that: Autumn

It arrived with that kind of grey rain that settles in for a few days, so you just have to settle with it. I was out all day Sunday and into the night; eight miles of walking in the rain, and when I got home the apartment was clammy like when it rains at a… Continue reading And just like that: Autumn

There was no ignoring such a noisome spectacle

The severed heads had been put on pikes for all and sundry to see; made examples of. The unseasonably warm autumn weather made grotesques of each— death masques submitting to rot and gravity; to the punishments meted by the state. Passersby turned their heads, and covered their faces with kerchiefs, but there was no ignoring… Continue reading There was no ignoring such a noisome spectacle

When time turns in upon itself, you question everything

I've been on a new trajectory. It’s great; it’s weird, It’s new. I love new. I also love Old. That’s neither here nor there. I’ve been feeling like a teenager again, lately. In the sense where I’m acutely aware how temporary so many people in one’s life tend to be. It’s not a judgement call;… Continue reading When time turns in upon itself, you question everything

The afternoon warmed unexpectedly— unseasonably

Day sixteen: The afternoon warmed unexpectedly— unseasonably. He'd removed his accustomed scarf on account of the change; left it coiled like a tie or a snake on the picnic table in the dooryard. There, it warmed in the sun. . See all of my #Inktober drawings @edaggarart or

fabric flags

On a cold, windy weekend I contrived a little garland of fabric flags— droll points affixed at intervals to a length of pale ribbon because the undraped window looked dreary and forlorn. Days later I looked at them, trying to gauge whether they cheered. Outside, the trees wore bright-gold leaves, a yellow burst against the… Continue reading fabric flags

Colors of the city : day to night

Some images of beautiful buildings, trees, and windows around Park Slope at eventide.

Artifacts from an evening wander