When time turns in upon itself, you question everything

I’ve been on a new trajectory. It’s great; it’s weird, It’s new. I love new.

I also love Old. That’s neither here nor there. I’ve been feeling like a teenager again, lately. In the sense where I’m acutely aware how temporary so many people in one’s life tend to be. It’s not a judgement call; only acknowledgement of reality.

Most folks are temporary. There’s a time during which you overlap. It ends.

The thing to always remember is that you’re permanent. Be permanent to yourself. A solid. And recognize those who exhibit permanent qualities in return— they’re your rocks. Will help get you to your True North. The Keepers.


8 thoughts on “When time turns in upon itself, you question everything”

    1. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m so glad you’re digging my work. I would ask that in future, if you use the phrase Guest Artist, to get in touch with me first, as it makes it sound like a collab, but this pingback is the first I’ve heard about it. Thanks, though- Sharing is great!

      1. Hi,

        I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment before now…and I’ve gone and reblogged another of your posts since. Ughh…Apologies. I’ll definitely touch base with you first in the future.

        And thanks for pointing out that using the phrase “Guest Artist” can imply a collaboration – that is helpful feedback – I’ll avoid using that phrase going forward.

        Thanks so much for sharing your work – I think it’s delightful!

        All the best,

  1. I resonate with this so much lately. A close friend of mine has been drifting away from me, but I’m surprisingly not too upset about it. I guess it’s time for them to leave my life.

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