The floating city; a mirage in the heat of a summer day

My brother came to visit for a few days. We had an adventure-filled weekend, and I'm thankful for his visit, as I was when my older brother and his family were here earlier in the month. Not only to have spent time with them, but also because visitors ensure you get out and do things.… Continue reading The floating city; a mirage in the heat of a summer day

There was no ignoring such a noisome spectacle

The severed heads had been put on pikes for all and sundry to see; made examples of. The unseasonably warm autumn weather made grotesques of each— death masques submitting to rot and gravity; to the punishments meted by the state. Passersby turned their heads, and covered their faces with kerchiefs, but there was no ignoring… Continue reading There was no ignoring such a noisome spectacle

The swishing of cars and in the distance, church bells

And then there are parts of town that don't quite feel like New York at all. I'm always looking for what elements are the disparate ones; what are the real culprits that make it feel different. Sometimes it's scale; of buildings, of the street or space around the buildings. But sometimes it's something more invisible.… Continue reading The swishing of cars and in the distance, church bells

Scenes from the Bushwick Country Club

What was intended to be an excursion into Bushwick yesterday afternoon left us stranded in Williamsburg as the L train chose to go no farther than Lorimer. So we began with a beer at Union Pool, into which I've not stepped foot in many years, and whose backyard has greatly improved. We followed that with a visit to… Continue reading Scenes from the Bushwick Country Club

A wander through Gowanus

Some geometric compositions from a quiet wander last Saturday, late afternoon as the light drained from the sky. This building has such gorgeous moulding. The Ninth Street subway overpass is weirdly beautiful, too.

Colors of the city : day to night

Some images of beautiful buildings, trees, and windows around Park Slope at eventide.

Artifacts from an evening wander

A walking tour: Chelsea to South Slope

Work took me to the isle of Manhattan today. As the meeting was in Chelsea, I availed myself of the opportunity to walk the High Line. I continued south and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, and walked all the way home.


Ben and I arrived yesterday to a sunny, warm day and did much walking and wandering (after a nap at Wouter & Brandon's house, as we were neither of us able ot sleep a wink on the plane.  I wanted to put some photos up from our first day, and just went to retrieve the… Continue reading amsterdam

Harbor Day– Holland on the Hudson

Pennants flying in the breeze from the masts of boats at the harbor, Governor's Island What a beautiful day was Sunday! It's been 400 years since the founding of Nieuw Amsterdam, and on Sunday the city had celebrations of various sorts going on around the city's harbors– including free ferries to hop on and hop… Continue reading Harbor Day– Holland on the Hudson