Harbor Day– Holland on the Hudson

Pennants flying on masts of boats at Governor's Island, Harbor Day

Pennants and masts in the harbor at Governor's Island
Pennants flying in the breeze from the masts of boats at the harbor, Governor’s Island

What a beautiful day was Sunday! It’s been 400 years since the founding of Nieuw Amsterdam, and on Sunday the city had celebrations of various sorts going on around the city’s harbors– including free ferries to hop on and hop off to explore them. These pennants are flying from the masts of some beautiful boats docked at Governor’s Island, which opened to the public last year as a sort of re-made park and preservation area. (The proposal to make it a public park was first proposed in 1897, but was rejected by the Army Board of Engineers, citing the Island’s indispensability “for military purposes.”)

After a picnic and wander about the island’s grounds (during which my camera’s battery dies), I hopped another boat to South Street Seaport, and took a stroll through New Amsterdam Market, which was packed with people, and will be held again monthly through December.

Finally, wound up waiting in line for a ferry back to Fulton Landing in DUMBO (the first line I experienced all day for a ferry– it was on the whole very efficient). I realized later it would have been more fun to get on one going elsewhere, so that I could have just been on boats for awhile longer! But, I landed back in Brooklyn, and proceeded to walk back to my neighborhood from there. It was the loveliest day of weather in weeks, and a nice return to summer sun.

The Admiral's House in Nolan Park
The Admiral’s House in Nolan Park

The boulevard adjacent to Colonels Row
Sun-dappled, tree-lined boulevard adjacent to Colonels’ Row

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