Having to wear shoes all day in summer feels like foot binding

My feet are shredded; torn up and abused by the shoes of summer. It’s not that the shoes are uncomfortable per se, but most (cute) summer shoes are too flat to wear often, and the others I counterbalance with: too constraining. Opposites, each feels a relief after the other, yet compounding irritations alternately. It being… Continue reading Having to wear shoes all day in summer feels like foot binding

A walking tour: Chelsea to South Slope

Work took me to the isle of Manhattan today. As the meeting was in Chelsea, I availed myself of the opportunity to walk the High Line. I continued south and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, and walked all the way home.

A soon farewell

It hit me last night— Zac’s last day in Brooklyn is in eight days. It’s cast a sudden melancholy pall on the holiday weekend, a Sunday sadness, and I’ve found myself thinking about how different my life will be when he's gone. We've been practically inseparable for over four years; a significant friendship, and solid. In… Continue reading A soon farewell

A philosophical pedestrianism

Autumn, like Spring, is adventure time. Wander time. I’ve been filling up on these. You decide an initial direction or destination, from there you follow your feet, or state of mind. You flow. Chasing miles. Chasing the magic hour. Moonrise. It's nice to chase it all in my own city; the deepening blue, jeweled with lights of infrastructure and the… Continue reading A philosophical pedestrianism

Brooklyn is always great for wandering

You know it’s December when WordPress is snowing 🙂 Yesterday I walked just over 4 miles (6.5 km) while running errands— a much shorter walk than Sunday (above), but enjoyable. I downloaded the app Runkeeper to my phone, so from now on I can track mileage, etc. Brilliant little app, simple to use. Judging from… Continue reading Brooklyn is always great for wandering