On a crisp fall afternoon, abandon practical pursuits

A Monday broke sunny and fine in October. Distractions around post-debate night in what must be one of the most absurd political races in modernity. Not a good day for 'deep focus' or productivity. Abandon practical pursuits. Walk.


Recent days have arrived with excellent weather—sunshine. Birds tracing lazy smiles across the sky. Z and I have been taking advantage of it to wander. While at home the windows have been open wide. We laugh ’til our faces hurt, cackling chickens. In between we talk about real things. Life. Industrial streetscapes of Sunset Park He compliments me… Continue reading Interstitials

A philosophical pedestrianism

Autumn, like Spring, is adventure time. Wander time. I’ve been filling up on these. You decide an initial direction or destination, from there you follow your feet, or state of mind. You flow. Chasing miles. Chasing the magic hour. Moonrise. It's nice to chase it all in my own city; the deepening blue, jeweled with lights of infrastructure and the… Continue reading A philosophical pedestrianism

deliberate transit

A temperate autumn in New York. A fine season of walking for hours, walking and solving. Despite some t-shirt days, summer is long ago and a blanket of full dark arrives by half five or sooner. So: walking is more inward, seeing nothing unnecessary to navigation. I need to clear my cache. I’ve been unravelling some tangled… Continue reading deliberate transit

a wander, a tree, sketches

Prospect Park Memorial Arch

Today was a fine day for the first long wander in months. Walked five and a half miles through four neighborhoods. Silvered sun, soft air, and a gentle bewilderment— muscle memory or sense memory awakening in the new light. On the way home, stopped at the grocery store for a few things and bought a fancy little… Continue reading a wander, a tree, sketches

Brooklyn is always great for wandering

You know it’s December when WordPress is snowing 🙂 Yesterday I walked just over 4 miles (6.5 km) while running errands— a much shorter walk than Sunday (above), but enjoyable. I downloaded the app Runkeeper to my phone, so from now on I can track mileage, etc. Brilliant little app, simple to use. Judging from… Continue reading Brooklyn is always great for wandering


Amsterdam; the Westerkirk in the background. Edinburgh; Dean Village along the Water of Leith Well I thought I might have been better about adding things here whilst traveling, as I brought my laptop, but no, not really. The days are getting short though, and thoughts of the work waiting at home are beginning to creep… Continue reading travels

Two days of wandering, eating, drinking

The warm glow of Char No. 4, affectionately known (by me) as "Pork and Bourbon" Day One Ben's birthday was Saturday. As he'd been under the weather much of the week, we'd made no plans, but Saturday began warm and balmy, and he was feeling much better, so we decided to embark on a wander.… Continue reading Two days of wandering, eating, drinking

shelter, swelter or soak.

Those were the primary options over the weekend, but we had a good one of it anyway. A roving wander took us through Vinegar Hill , DUMBO and into the Heights on Saturday, finally trapped in air conditioning with beer and a Mets game as the torrents began in earnest. Tasted and bought some delicious… Continue reading shelter, swelter or soak.