Amsterdam; the Westerkirk in the background.

Edinburgh; Dean Village along the Water of Leith

Well I thought I might have been better about adding things here whilst traveling, as I brought my laptop, but no, not really. The days are getting short though, and thoughts of the work waiting at home are beginning to creep in (no!). We’ve had unbelievable luck with weather, considering we’ve been in two places famous for rain (we’ve had a combined maybe 4 days of noticeable rain?). Wednesday we trained eastward to North Berwick, where we saw Bass Rock by boat– it’s out in the Firth, and home to the largest colony of gannets in the world. No less than 150,000 birds on this rock!

Okay, Arthur’s Seat beckons. More to come…

Edit Oct 05, 2010 – Look! The streetlights are aligned- from two cities on very different days in very different weeks. I love Art! Composition!– Rules that rule me, not the reverse… the rules that rule everything; the base of harmony that structured both these towns…  (yay)

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