Seeing things in similar ways, in black and white

Like smoke suspended in the calm

Here, a cluster of stone red-roofed cottages, and more of those trees with the art nouveau branches. There's a rock—huge!— out, away from the shore. It looks like a great fat sleeping bear. The mist hangs above the land in swaths, like smoke suspended in the calm of an afternoon pub. Some beautiful old stonework houses… Continue reading Like smoke suspended in the calm

Home from abroad

Tired. (still on GMT.) Very smooth traveling, though-- actually a pleasant plane trip and only seven hours to get back. Here's another drawing, for now, from the trip book. It's of part of the vast and winding interior of The Sheep Heid Inn in Duddingston, Edinburgh (we did not play skittles, alas) on the far… Continue reading Home from abroad


Amsterdam; the Westerkirk in the background. Edinburgh; Dean Village along the Water of Leith Well I thought I might have been better about adding things here whilst traveling, as I brought my laptop, but no, not really. The days are getting short though, and thoughts of the work waiting at home are beginning to creep… Continue reading travels


I'm happy that it's raining today. I've been thinking about cities, about old cities; how they can feel (in some areas, certain streets) more like formations than something man-made. Edinburgh: those massive brown blocks everything is made of-- buildings that look as though they sprung from bedrock to show off, make us feel small, and… Continue reading edinburgh

a brief backward glance

(excerpt from trip book) 11 October 2005. On a high-speed train ride from London King's Cross to Edinburgh. The train is traveling close to the coastline now-- we are almost there. There are parts where cliff walls rise up steeply from the sea, and there are parts where the hills gently turn to beaches. It… Continue reading a brief backward glance

17 October : Edinburgh bonus day!

Monday. Oh, waking after another solid sleep to full breakfast; CNN on the telly in the corner of the room; travelers from the continent in the tables surrounding-- the breakfast room really is a pleasant and reassuring aspect of traveling- despite nothing but bad news from the screen (Yes: hurricane Wilma, Avian flu having reached… Continue reading 17 October : Edinburgh bonus day!

14 October : Edinburgh day four

Friday: Climbing the Seat day!! We awake feeling a bit "fumie"-- too many whiskeys- and we have overslept! Missed our free brekkie in the room downstairs. We hasten to dress and prepare for the day; Anders recalls a diner of sorts along Southbridge which serves breakfast all day, so that is our first destination. Scrambled… Continue reading 14 October : Edinburgh day four

13 October : Edinburgh day three

Thursday morning dawned cool and crisp, showing signs that perhaps the rain had left us for the time being. We enjoyed hot water showers and continental breakfast (alas with instant coffee, but no matter). Today would be our day of the Royal Mile; "Have fun storming the castle!" day, more precisely. We head out early,… Continue reading 13 October : Edinburgh day three

12 October : Edinburgh day two

Wednesday found us waking in our nasty little hippie hostel, perhaps taking a few minutes longer than normal to sort out time and place. Cold. We opted not to use the hippie cleansing room (as likely so many hippies have done), dressed quickly and packed. We had a mission to accomplish, and this was to… Continue reading 12 October : Edinburgh day two