Views on the city with shifts in angles and in scale

The waning light turned gold and reflected in the windows

Here is a painting from a small series I did back in 2007. (It's hard to believe that was a decade ago!) This is Amsterdam II, and it has been sold! Its new home will be in California, and I'm very excited for its new adventure. Though I love having my art in my own… Continue reading The waning light turned gold and reflected in the windows

Looking upon rooftops from a bird’s eye view

It's almost impossible to fathom the number of people— of individuals, families— that fill the buildings of New York City. Five boroughs filled with I don't know how many buildings; and many if not most of those buildings contain anywhere from six to twenty-six apartments or more. Every window may represent a person. It boggles… Continue reading Looking upon rooftops from a bird’s eye view

Seeing things in similar ways, in black and white

Waterfront buildings at dusk

Here is a sneak peek at a work in progress. It probably won't have a photographic sky in the final; we'll see. I was just playing with that. Anyway I like the kaleidoscopic colors in the window panes. That was my initial idea or point of departure: the way window panes facing or nearby the harbor catch light at different… Continue reading Waterfront buildings at dusk

buildings in ink

A little peek at something in progress. Not sure where it's going.