The waning light turned gold and reflected in the windows

Here is a painting from a small series I did back in 2007. (It's hard to believe that was a decade ago!) This is Amsterdam II, and it has been sold! Its new home will be in California, and I'm very excited for its new adventure. Though I love having my art in my own… Continue reading The waning light turned gold and reflected in the windows

Another drawing on antique paper

Here's another page from the book mentioned in a previous post. These inner pages are far more fragile than was the Title Page proper, as you can see by the deterioration in this drawing. (A lot of those bits fell off during the drawing process— mechanical pencils are sharp!)

A Rite of Spring

(detail of the drawing)

Exsanguination No.1 : A ritual bloodletting. A symbolic sacrifice to speed Winter on its intemperate way and make room for the upset of a new season; of change. Nature’s not kind nor gentle— why should art be?