Another drawing on antique paper

Imprint page of the Toi et Moi book
Imprint page of the Toi et Moi book, cropped

Here’s another page from the book mentioned in a previous post. These inner pages are far more fragile and thin than was the Title Page proper, as you can see by the deterioration in this drawing. (A lot of those bits fell off during the drawing process— mechanical pencils are sharp!)

Before going in with markers and paint, I pasted it to a sheet of black paper to help it stay intact. It came through alright, for the most part. This is an experiment, after all, and only the second page.

I’ll have to be more careful in future. See the full page after the jump (although I prefer this one cropped square, not least on account of the paper-crumbling issues— see the hole in his head.)

Toi et Moi, Imprint page [2016] Pencil, marker, and casein on antique book page

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