Seeing things in similar ways, in black and white

Scenes from a nearby barrier island

Here are some photographs from my brief but lovely stay in Cherry Grove, Fire Island last week. A soothing balm, and the friends I stayed with had a little oasis of a cottage on the bayside. It was so serene and lovely that I didn't even go off on a wander to photograph more of… Continue reading Scenes from a nearby barrier island

A quiet wander through a green wood (part the first)

This is part one of two, as I took a slew of photos this afternoon, walking through Green-Wood Cemetery with my younger brother, in town for a few days. This cemetery is very near my apartment, yet I haven't been since last summer. It was a trip to release one of my goldfish (grown too… Continue reading A quiet wander through a green wood (part the first)

On the farm after a sudden, short downfall

I apologize— I missed my Monday posting deadline! I've been posting a lot lately, but was somewhat busy leading up to go out of town and come upstate. Here are some photographs from around the farm earlier today. There was a brief, thundering deluge around 11am or so. Then the sky brightened which is always… Continue reading On the farm after a sudden, short downfall

More old photographs

Had a large wander last Sunday while it was sunny and 60º in Brooklyn. Around and about Williamsburg (where these photos were procured) including a stop in East River Park; Kent Ave, under the bridge and through Fort Greene, finally wending our way back to South Slope. Ten miles of walking on the first day that felt like… Continue reading More old photographs

A few selects from the iphone— Paris

Two days of sun in Paris in winter meant nice light for shooting photos.