A quiet wander through a green wood (part the first)

This is part one of two, as I took a slew of photos this afternoon, walking through Green-Wood Cemetery with my younger brother, in town for a few days. This cemetery is very near my apartment, yet I haven’t been since last summer. It was a trip to release one of my goldfish (grown too large for my tank) into the beautifully tended koi and comet pond there.

Here begins Elysium.

We came suddenly upon a field that hasn’t been trimmed or tended in some time, the grass grown tall and gone to seed.The beautiful golden waves look like wheat from afar; but are perhaps long timothy. Layers; the undergrowth green and lush.

My brother commented “Here begins Elysium” as we approached. It’s a pretty thought, and pretty sight: here below— see the straight line dividing the tended from the wild.

I got rather a bee in my bonnet as we meandered and studied the stones. I decided on creating a series of strictly symmetrical images; something quite the opposite of the violently diagonal, exaggerated perspective usually found in my photographs.

And here begins the catalogue of symmetry, to be continued in the next post.
Photos continue in the next post.

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