Montmartre— in light and dark

Montmartre— dans la lumière et l'obscurité These are photos from our first afternoon in Paris. It stayed light til 8:30. Now, you know, I've been dreaming of the trip— now that it's over. As I did before it was born. Friday was two weeks since we left for farther shores. It went by fast and… Continue reading Montmartre— in light and dark

The Museum of Hunting and Nature in Paris

Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature During my visit to this inimitable and fascinating museum, one of the featured artists being exhibited turned out to be Walton Ford. He's a painter whose work I first became acquainted with on an episode of ART 21 on PBS, maybe a decade or so ago. At first… Continue reading The Museum of Hunting and Nature in Paris

Printed acquisitions from the trip abroad

Traveling, I almost only buy printed things, as they take up little space and are odd moments of history— lasting, and sometimes inexplicable relics. I found a bin of beautiful old family (and otherwise) crests in an antique books and prints shop in Amsterdam that Tineke took me to. Also, this old post card and photo. Below are… Continue reading Printed acquisitions from the trip abroad

A few selects from the iphone— Paris

Two days of sun in Paris in winter meant nice light for shooting photos.

A few selects from the camera— Paris

Here are some more images from the trip; most of these are from the Saturday afternoon we were in Paris— my twelve miles of walking day. The sun came out in the afternoon and it felt like Spring. More color photos after the jump.

Sketches from last weekend, &c.

A couple of offerings from the Moleskine that turned out decently from last weekend. Also, a photo of my European-trip-inspired shadow box sporting a Parisian pigeon feather, a lens from a vintage vision-test optics machine, and a bit of dried flora plucked from Flevopark in Amsterdam on the day we cycled to the Distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep, sadly… Continue reading Sketches from last weekend, &c.

More dry point prints…

the drying rack at end of day Two new prints yesterday. I worked at a less frenzied, more enjoyable pace this time, so fewer prints, but better overall quality I think. I really enjoyed the process of wiping the ink this time- even more meticulous, despite these being much smaller plates (2.5" square each). Some… Continue reading More dry point prints…

of magic

the magic hour in the city of lights I realized this morning that it was time for a new background image on my monitor - something colorful --not black and white-- but not yet the greens of spring and sunshine... I landed on the dusky blues penetrated by oblongs of warmth: the magic hour in… Continue reading of magic