I’ve long been a collector of forks

Above is a photograph of most of my fork collection, arrayed by size and type. A reasoned edit was the goal yesterday and I wanted to see them all in one place and count them.

The skills of observation are the same, whether painted or photographed

Here is my other treasure from the Antiquarian Book Fair (which was fairly well-stocked with so-called Ephemera, that I obv adore)— a stellar and skilled portrait, the likes of this level I've rarely seen in my years of collecting Cabinet Card pictures as they're called when mounted and 'framed' on cards like this. This is… Continue reading The skills of observation are the same, whether painted or photographed

An array of ornate forks that’d belonged to his grandparents

Days twenty-four through twenty-six! An array of ornate forks that’d belonged to his grandparents were among the day to day utensils she ate with. . . . (These count as three drawings, for days Oct 24th - 26th. If you've a problem with that, I can't care.)

The mystery of the shallow bowls

Sunday afternoon was rainy, so our usual outdoor flea market was out of the question. We drove instead, a few miles farther to an indoor one, new on our radar. On the whole, it was a bust. Few, if any, actual antiques, or even vintage items— unless you count things like toys and VHS tapes from the 1990s… Continue reading The mystery of the shallow bowls

Printed acquisitions from the trip abroad

Traveling, I almost only buy printed things, as they take up little space and are odd moments of history— lasting, and sometimes inexplicable relics. I found a bin of beautiful old family (and otherwise) crests in an antique books and prints shop in Amsterdam that Tineke took me to. Also, this old post card and photo. Below are… Continue reading Printed acquisitions from the trip abroad

a few small prints

In which a brief foray into an antiques shop unearthed some interesting new acquisitions for the archives.

Cherry-pitting machine

You may recall this sinister-looking device from a post last November. Well, I've finally had a chance to test it out (see it here) now we're in the midst of stone-fruits season. I am only a little bit sorry to report that this design, like many, is more beautiful than it is useful. It shall remain a… Continue reading Cherry-pitting machine

Additional acquisitions from PA

An addendum to yesterday's post involving the cherry seeding machine; here are additional acquisitions from the same trip to Pennsylvania: primarily photographs, plus one small book. A fair number of photos of youngsters. I generally base my decisions on quality; whether as a photograph pure and simple (composition, exposure, print quality, etc), or on how interesting… Continue reading Additional acquisitions from PA

Don’t be alarmed, that’s just my mechanical separator.

A weekend road trip that was intended to be a cabin trip to New Jersey, but it's hunting season and all of our usual cabins were booked— so we went to Pennsylvania in search of antiques and general get-out-of-the-city time. This resulted in some wonderful new acquisitions for The Museum*, the above object being easily… Continue reading Don’t be alarmed, that’s just my mechanical separator.

The great bowl of the heavens above us, benevolent!

I don't know what that title is about. I just needed a title, and the skies were magnificent during our little road trip (and are still). It’s a fine thing to get out of the city for a couple of days. We built fires and cooked over them; we floated on a calm lake, surrounded… Continue reading The great bowl of the heavens above us, benevolent!