Additional acquisitions from PA

An addendum to yesterday's post involving the cherry seeding machine; here are additional acquisitions from the same trip to Pennsylvania: primarily photographs, plus one small book. A fair number of photos of youngsters. I generally base my decisions on quality; whether as a photograph pure and simple (composition, exposure, print quality, etc), or on how interesting… Continue reading Additional acquisitions from PA

The great bowl of the heavens above us, benevolent!

I don't know what that title is about. I just needed a title, and the skies were magnificent during our little road trip (and are still). It’s a fine thing to get out of the city for a couple of days. We built fires and cooked over them; we floated on a calm lake, surrounded… Continue reading The great bowl of the heavens above us, benevolent!

Snufkin has broken camp

Zac's contribution to the Museum, an excellent specimen of tintype in a pocket-frame I've been enjoying reading Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell— "Then he asked, had it not been a seismic shock to be uprooted from Papa Song's and transplanted into Boom-Sook's lab? Didn't I miss the world I had been genomed for? I answered, fabricants… Continue reading Snufkin has broken camp