Don’t be alarmed, that’s just my mechanical separator.

A weekend road trip that was intended to be a cabin trip to New Jersey, but it's hunting season and all of our usual cabins were booked— so we went to Pennsylvania in search of antiques and general get-out-of-the-city time. This resulted in some wonderful new acquisitions for The Museum*, the above object being easily… Continue reading Don’t be alarmed, that’s just my mechanical separator.

The Museum: recent acquisitions

A trip to rural Pennsylvania Sunday through Tuesday, for the 150th Commemmoration of the Battle of Gettysburg. I worked on the visual portion for the opening ceremony, which was reason enough for my Dad to plan a road trip; Tara Lynne and I joined the expedition. I’d never been, and it was wonderful to soak… Continue reading The Museum: recent acquisitions

Snufkin has broken camp

Zac's contribution to the Museum, an excellent specimen of tintype in a pocket-frame I've been enjoying reading Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell— "Then he asked, had it not been a seismic shock to be uprooted from Papa Song's and transplanted into Boom-Sook's lab? Didn't I miss the world I had been genomed for? I answered, fabricants… Continue reading Snufkin has broken camp