A Moominvalley morning in full sun

I love the world Tove Jannson created with her wonderful Moomin books. The writing and illustrations are top notch, full of subtlty and wistfulness and the complex emotions we don't always allow children* to have, or forget they have. Her works are up there with Edward Gorey to my mind, and the beautiful animations made… Continue reading A Moominvalley morning in full sun

Second storm of our current winter

I'm not sure when snowstorms became a thing to be numbered— they were fairly common as I grew up; happened rather regularly Upstate; had no names. Nonetheless, they do feel more fierce now than they did then. Then they were just snowfalls. Led to jolly fort-making or sledding. It all reminds me of Moominvalley, my… Continue reading Second storm of our current winter

Snufkin has broken camp

Zac's contribution to the Museum, an excellent specimen of tintype in a pocket-frame I've been enjoying reading Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell— "Then he asked, had it not been a seismic shock to be uprooted from Papa Song's and transplanted into Boom-Sook's lab? Didn't I miss the world I had been genomed for? I answered, fabricants… Continue reading Snufkin has broken camp

kraft paper drawings

click to see full drawings... That last drawing I named 'Little My in later years." If you're familiar with the Moominvalley stories by the late, lovely Tove Jansson, Little My was a character thereincluded– always jovial, energetic. Actually, now I think about it, it should be the Mymble's Daughter; older sister to feisty Little My,… Continue reading kraft paper drawings


Here I sit wasting time; a google search for tuckamore (Tuckamore are spruce trees that are stunted by salt spray from the coast) then led to an image search for ice boats (eisyachts, too) which naturally led to images of houses in snow. From there is was only natural to narrow the search down to… Continue reading (none)


= degrees of the tilt of the earth's axis.* This, combined with the position in yearly revolution, determine the angle of the shadows of daylight hours. The angles of winter are distinct. They speak of wind and dry heat; cracked skin; long darknesses. There's a girl I know -The curious Miss K; a great fan… Continue reading 23

20 nov

A working weekend is not a bad thing, especially in the freelance world. There are no phone calls, fewer interruptions in general. In addition to work there have been walks- wandering around the Slope- as well as consolidation, and editing. The common cold is busy making its way through the local population, leaving a path… Continue reading 20 nov