= degrees of the tilt of the earth’s axis.*

This, combined with the position in yearly revolution, determine the angle of the shadows of daylight hours. The angles of winter are distinct. They speak of wind and dry heat; cracked skin; long darknesses.

There’s a girl I know -The curious Miss K; a great fan of winter and of stripey things, so I call her Too-Ticky. A Moomin reference. But we are not moomins, and winter will not ride away on the back of a horse made of ice.

The year seems off to a slow start. I’m sure it’s too soon to even say such a thing, but I can be impatient and am not good at slowing down. Don’t like the slowed-downness of winter. As for today, there is sunshine and it is milder than yesterday, so perhaps I should be outside.

*23.45 to be exact

sunshine and steam in the city

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