A Moominvalley morning in full sun

I love the world Tove Jannson created with her wonderful Moomin books. The writing and illustrations are top notch, full of subtlty and wistfulness and the complex emotions we don't always allow children* to have, or forget they have. Her works are up there with Edward Gorey to my mind, and the beautiful animations made… Continue reading A Moominvalley morning in full sun

The coffee was still hot

Day eleven of #Inktober. The coffee was still hot, but he was nowhere to be found in the house. A window was open across the room, and a chill wind came through. . more art: @edaggarart & elizabethdaggar.com

60º in November

Here's an inspiring read from Mr. Bresny: "Bigger, Better, More Interesting Problems" There are more excerpts from his Pronoia book as well. A real smarty-pants, that one. And such a freak! In other news: Sad: Our lovely black Koi, Coffee, has merged with the Infinite. A shocking return to Brooklyn after a holiday weekend upstate;… Continue reading 60º in November

box of water

pi and coffee; they live in a box of water I just spent about half an hour reading some of my dreams from the past month or so. My subconscious brain comes up with some weird shit; much of it way more interesting and strange than things I could expect from ye old waking brain.… Continue reading box of water